Big Update - Check It Out!

Welcome to The Sound Thoughts, Mach VI.

Hello there everybody! Sorry it's been a while since we last updated. A few (notable) things have happened within the last month, so here's the scoop:

Our guitarist/vocalist Naomi Hulteng has decided to step down from her position in the band. We are sad to see her go, but wish her success in whatever she does next.

We have decided to continue on as a three-piece. The core of the band will be whipped into shape to deliver the most thunderous sound imaginable, and we'll be ready for shows in the near future.

Last, but not least, we have recorded a pretty cool cover of an Enrique Iglesias song called "Heart Attack." Check it out here or a "Throwback Thursday"-style video here.

No really, this is the last thing - our new album(s) are on iTunes (after a few snafus.) So, go to your favorite iTunes retailer and grab "Terminal" or "Black Box EP" or both. That would be excellent.

Thanks for listening. We're excited for the future. We have some big things in the works, so we'll keep you all posted.